Monday, June 15, 2009

Spring break: world's best bimbo training grounds

Could there be a better celebration of all things bimbo? If you don't have a little bimbo in you...don't even come.

Which is more bimbo? Completely bare or landing strip?

It goes without saying that au naturel is not bimbo.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Super sexy French music video shot in Paris!!

Strength in numbers: Bimbos often travel in groups

The best way to become a bimbo and to reinforce your inner bimbois to hang out with bimbos. Lose those non-bimbo friends. They're holding you back!

Sexy ads: helping America down the bimbo path

Some ads are subliminal. These ads are a bit more explicit about sexualizing their product, their audience and their culture:

Does anyone do more for bimboism than Paris?

paris_hilton-playboy, originally uploaded by demonic_jenna.

She has inspired legions of followers around the world

Christina Aguilera helping bimboism along

Trade shows really help the bimbo movement

276282700_a4b0a86ad4, originally uploaded by demonic_jenna.

As we see here...typical booth girl outfit

Doll or bimbo?

2320385037_bf0d41e189, originally uploaded by demonic_jenna.

I'm really not sure

Cute bimbo outfit spotted in the wild!

7lo, originally uploaded by cyclonus67.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Lip enhancement -- the new bimbo trend?

Will obviously fake lips be to the next decade what obviously fake tits were to the last?

Pussy tats: bimbo chic or just slut-ay?

You might be surprised to know that the first three are two different girls -- super sexy British model Jordan/Katie Price in the first two and US pornstar Candy Strong in the third --

You gotta love a misspelled pussy tat...that gets extra bimbo points for sure.

Anna Nicole bimbo moment

Anna Nicole classic moment: helping the bimbo movement along in her unique way at the AMA awards

The Bimbo Moment: Marilyn Monroe skirt blown up

This is the classic bimbo moment all bimbo moments aspire to:

Classic bimbo moment: Jessica Simpson Tuna/Chicken

This is one that will live forever in bimbo history: