Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to bimbo-proof your daughter

In case you want to, probably some tips here that would work. Mixed feelings...should this material be supressed or spread?


Like any 13-year-old, my daughter is caught in that awkward in-between stage when the allures and dangers of adulthood are calling, but the comfort and security of childhood are still within grasp. It has always been tough, for boys and girls. But more and more, girls are being fed the message that becoming a grown-up means undergoing some sort of humiliating display of misplaced sexuality. And the storm around Miley Cyrus, Jamie Lynn Spears, and their slightly older kin simply serves to make the whole growing-up process that much more perilous. Here’s how to teach self-respect and prevent your daughter from becoming a naked Mouseketeer.


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