Monday, May 25, 2009

Classic bimboization story: Suzanne's New Career


"You've already promised to do whatever I want. But, if you
don't like it, I'll still let you leave if you want, and never see me
She stared at me as though she thought I was joking. I met
her gaze with a stern look. She realized I was serious and the
incredulity on her face gave way to fear. "Y-you can't mean that,
Alan," she stammered.
"I do mean it, Suzanne. Maybe you should just leave and we'll
forget we ever knew each other," I said, reaching to open the door.
"No!" she yelled, grabbing my arm. We stood there, frozen,
for several tense moments . At last, Suzanne took a deep, shuddering
breath. "I... I'll do it. I'll be your s-s-s..." She spat the last
word out. "... slave."
"All right, then," I responded, lowering my arm. "Repeat what
I just told you."
"I... I am your s-slave."
"You are my bitch."
"I..." She took another deep breath. "I am your bitch."
"You are my slut."
"I am your s-slut."
"You have no will of your own."
"I have no will of my own." She was beginning to shake with fear.
"You are a fuck doll, whose sole purpose is to be used by men
for their pleasure."
Her eyes reddened. "I am... a f-fuck doll. My purpose
is... to be used by men for their p-pleasure."


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Cullen said...

This is the story that opened my eyes to what a treasure a bimbo could be... even tho it is kinda of dark in some ways.

Great blog!