Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can a genetic man be a bimbo?

There are men who dress as women and want to be bimbos.  Can they be?  There are many varieties of these transgender guy/girls.  One kind is the regular (gay) man who merely wears women's clothes.  These are crossdressers and to me they are not sexy and cannot be true bimbos (though maybe in the gay world they can, who knows?).  But there are some tg's who get so pumped up with female hormones through adolesence that they become some hybrid of men and women often referred to as ladyboys.  They get fake boobs too.  Some of these ladyboys, I'm telling you, look very feminine.  And if there is something about bimboism that involves degaradation and submission, what could be more degarding and submissive than a man painting his nails and wearing a skirt and generally being your little woman bimbo slut?  Especially one who has been chemically and surgically permanently altered to be girlie?  I don't know.  I am not a huge fan but some of these ladyboys are pretty bimboish.  You be the judge --

It kind of makes you shudder because you know the best ones were probably purchased/found in some village in Thailand or Brazil and then filles with drugs and trained for years, but the results are good and sometimes with delicacies (like fois gras) it's best not to look into the manufacturing process.


Anonymous said...

I want one of those. They always make me masturbate.
The first one is awesome.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate TS Bimbo has to be Ana Mancini. Check out her website at http://anatranny.com

Anonymous said...

This post is so many forms of wrong. Your ending paragraph is flagrantly bigoted. These women are not sissy hybrids, they are girls who where unfortunately born in male bodies. They chose to undergo these procedures and transition.