Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can bimbo surgery go too far?

Surgery -- at least a boob job -- is a common part of becoming a true bimbo. But it is risky. Sometimes results are poor. Sometimes the result is exactly as intended but it leaves the woman either crippled or so distorted that she cannot possibly look "normal" ever again. To some extent it is exciting to see someone embrace their bimboness so thoroughly that they get surgery that makes it impossible to hide, from parents, employers or strangers on the street. She has then truly dedicated to her life to her bimbo role. Some examples below, what do you think?

She will never run or play sports again.

Mouth/lip surgery is all the rage lately following on and now radically exceeding Angelina Jolie's pouty mouth. But do some fo the new "face pussies" (what else can we call them?) go too far?

Now that we've gone to massive breasts and distended mouths and lips, what is next in the fetishization of bimbos?

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Anonymous said...

don't believe everything you see on the internet. These photos were pretty obviously photoshopped to create the large lip effect. Something like this is pretty simple to do actually.