Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amazing Site: Doug Adams is a connossieur of bimbos!!

I can't say enough about this site I recently found, which is modestly called "Doug's Home Page" but which is a one man compendium of all things bimbo. Check it out here.

Here are some topics it covers brilliantly:
Bimbo Training
Blowjob Training (boys)
Blowjob Training (girls)
Breast Enhancement
Breast Enhancement Procedures
Breast Manipulation
Clothing for Bimbos
CockToy Owner Guide
CockToy introduction
Cuckolding Men
Dressing to Please
Female Domination
Fuckpuppet Training
Group Sex, gangbangs
Hard Discipline & Torture
Hard Discipline & Torture
Humiliation & Degradation
Male Escort Experiences
Pumping and Suction
PuppyGirl Training
Ritual Humiliation
Role Play
Rough/forced sex
Serving - a dream
Sharing and Swinging
Slut Display
Sluts for Gangbangs
TV sissy cumsluts


Anonymous said...

A very good site, full of interesting ideas.

Anonymous said...

THIS site is too often down.
Like NOW.
and again.


HankySpanky said...

Great link, thanks for giving it a heads up.