Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are all bimbos submissive in bed?

I am not sure. What do you think?

Bimbo of the Day: Perfect wife and mom AdventurousMom78

perfect wife and mom, originally uploaded by adventurous_mom78.

Bimbo of the day is from flickr: "AdventurousMom 78." See you don't have to be a celebrity to be bimbo of the day. I only post this because the pics on flickr or bloggable and opublicly viewable.

There's just something extra sexy about a bimbo in her kitchen!

, originally uploaded by mr-costa.

Friday, May 29, 2009

1960's bimbos

1962_08_jan_roberts_cf, originally uploaded by snorkachu.

In the 1960's, bimbos were here, there and everywhere.

I don't know it Lily Cole is a bimbo, but she does a good impression of one

October 2008 appearance in French Playboy. Yum yum.

Who Is This Sexy Bimbo?

BimboWatch has to Know!

This is a great bimbo top ladies

18, originally uploaded by Lovable Loser.

Super sexy and fun.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

High school girl accidental upskirt published in Year Book. hehehe

There are Asian Bimbos Too You Know!

hatune minori06, originally uploaded by raulkouga.

Bimbos all over the world...

Puma Swede is our Bimbo of the Day!

Look at those perfect breasts, happy, open, friendly, sexual bimbo attitude and perfectly groomed pussy:

Her site is here

Ice T's Wife Coco Is A Hot Bimbo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Jaime Koeppe the perfect wife, or what?

Jaime Cooking, originally uploaded by jaime_seattle.

Jaime Koeppe illustrates perfect housekeeping here

Classic Bimbo Story: Traci's Story (m+/f, slut, transform, breast, etc.)


Her waist narrowed dramatically and then flared out to a set
of lush fleshy hips and a full, rounded ass. A matching red skirt
stretched across her ample cheeks.The women's taught belly was circled
by a fine gold chain that threaded itself through the ring that
peirced her navel. Her legs were clad in red stockings with a seam up
the back held up by a red garter belt, and she walked easily in her
red pumps with a 7" heel.

It gets through here


Antifeminism..., originally uploaded by yoshi3329.

Funny poster. Is bimboism antifeminist?

Poll: Women with breast implants get further in life

WhatPercent? Agree or Disagree? Poll

Bimbo of the Day: Hot Argentinian Luciana Salazar!

Her story (wikipedia)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Classic story from Orangutan

CherylAnn's Story (m+/f, breast, slut, transform, bimbo, mc)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

100% yummy guarantee!

This picture could be Cheryl Ann

Can a genetic man be a bimbo?

There are men who dress as women and want to be bimbos.  Can they be?  There are many varieties of these transgender guy/girls.  One kind is the regular (gay) man who merely wears women's clothes.  These are crossdressers and to me they are not sexy and cannot be true bimbos (though maybe in the gay world they can, who knows?).  But there are some tg's who get so pumped up with female hormones through adolesence that they become some hybrid of men and women often referred to as ladyboys.  They get fake boobs too.  Some of these ladyboys, I'm telling you, look very feminine.  And if there is something about bimboism that involves degaradation and submission, what could be more degarding and submissive than a man painting his nails and wearing a skirt and generally being your little woman bimbo slut?  Especially one who has been chemically and surgically permanently altered to be girlie?  I don't know.  I am not a huge fan but some of these ladyboys are pretty bimboish.  You be the judge --

It kind of makes you shudder because you know the best ones were probably purchased/found in some village in Thailand or Brazil and then filles with drugs and trained for years, but the results are good and sometimes with delicacies (like fois gras) it's best not to look into the manufacturing process.

Bimboism in the office

Like every other societal phenomenon, Bimboism inevitably makes its way into the workplace. It's a natural place for bimbos as there is often a male-oriented power structure with women being more numerous in the lower level positions, and often fairly attracted to and eager to please the more senior men. It's a place a bimbo can get very comofortable (so long as she can do the work!). Honestly, what percent of women in their 20's have given a blowjob at the office? Maybe 20%? 35%? I don't know but it's a lot.

Here are some images celebrating bimboism in the workplace. Do you find bimboism in your workplace? Do you think there is more of it than 10 years ago or less?

Can bimbo surgery go too far?

Surgery -- at least a boob job -- is a common part of becoming a true bimbo. But it is risky. Sometimes results are poor. Sometimes the result is exactly as intended but it leaves the woman either crippled or so distorted that she cannot possibly look "normal" ever again. To some extent it is exciting to see someone embrace their bimboness so thoroughly that they get surgery that makes it impossible to hide, from parents, employers or strangers on the street. She has then truly dedicated to her life to her bimbo role. Some examples below, what do you think?

She will never run or play sports again.

Mouth/lip surgery is all the rage lately following on and now radically exceeding Angelina Jolie's pouty mouth. But do some fo the new "face pussies" (what else can we call them?) go too far?

Now that we've gone to massive breasts and distended mouths and lips, what is next in the fetishization of bimbos?

Amazing Site: Doug Adams is a connossieur of bimbos!!

I can't say enough about this site I recently found, which is modestly called "Doug's Home Page" but which is a one man compendium of all things bimbo. Check it out here.

Here are some topics it covers brilliantly:
Bimbo Training
Blowjob Training (boys)
Blowjob Training (girls)
Breast Enhancement
Breast Enhancement Procedures
Breast Manipulation
Clothing for Bimbos
CockToy Owner Guide
CockToy introduction
Cuckolding Men
Dressing to Please
Female Domination
Fuckpuppet Training
Group Sex, gangbangs
Hard Discipline & Torture
Hard Discipline & Torture
Humiliation & Degradation
Male Escort Experiences
Pumping and Suction
PuppyGirl Training
Ritual Humiliation
Role Play
Rough/forced sex
Serving - a dream
Sharing and Swinging
Slut Display
Sluts for Gangbangs
TV sissy cumsluts

Monday, May 25, 2009

Could there be a more perfect bimbo?

Camp Deep Throat: Get your Girlfriend or Wife Deep Throat Lessons!

See it here: Camp Deep Throat

Hat tip to Deb's Deep Throat Blog

Helpful for bimbos: Great Article on how to Deep Throat

Key quote:

Why would you want to deep throat? Four reasons immediately come to mind:
- First, it is visually arousing... very visually arousing! Many of you have seen videos or pictures of a woman deep throating an erect penis. It is a very erotic image, especially watching her neck and throat expand and bulge as the penis slides in-and-out… and one that all men get off on!
- Second, if you don't like the taste of your man's semen but he wants to ejaculate in your mouth, when you perform deep throat the head of his penis is in so deeply that it extends past the taste buds that are on the back of the tongue. While this doesn't completely eliminate the taste, it is not as strong when done this way.
- Third, it a power thing for a woman to do. He must completely trust her. She has all the control.
- Fourth, when done right, with enthusiasm and skill, most men find it very, VERY pleasurable. Imagine your delight when you hear your man moan with pleasure as you do things to his penis that most men only dream of!

94% of men surveyed say they would never leave a woman who is good at deep throating, and I believe it! :)

Link here

Helpful article for bimbos: How to walk seductively in high heels

From High Heels Blog:

Begin to start walking, stepping smoothly, and with pride. The key to this step (no pun intended) is that you glide through the foot with a gentle heel, ball, toe step instead of stomping down with the whole foot at once. This is known in some circles as a dancer’s trick and save you from knee injuries or possibly twisted ankles....

Good stuff

Link to full story

Bimbo of the day: Jenny Poussin


Classic bimboization story: Suzanne's New Career


"You've already promised to do whatever I want. But, if you
don't like it, I'll still let you leave if you want, and never see me
She stared at me as though she thought I was joking. I met
her gaze with a stern look. She realized I was serious and the
incredulity on her face gave way to fear. "Y-you can't mean that,
Alan," she stammered.
"I do mean it, Suzanne. Maybe you should just leave and we'll
forget we ever knew each other," I said, reaching to open the door.
"No!" she yelled, grabbing my arm. We stood there, frozen,
for several tense moments . At last, Suzanne took a deep, shuddering
breath. "I... I'll do it. I'll be your s-s-s..." She spat the last
word out. "... slave."
"All right, then," I responded, lowering my arm. "Repeat what
I just told you."
"I... I am your s-slave."
"You are my bitch."
"I..." She took another deep breath. "I am your bitch."
"You are my slut."
"I am your s-slut."
"You have no will of your own."
"I have no will of my own." She was beginning to shake with fear.
"You are a fuck doll, whose sole purpose is to be used by men
for their pleasure."
Her eyes reddened. "I am... a f-fuck doll. My purpose
is... to be used by men for their p-pleasure."


More French popstar Alizee

Now that's a role model!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vogue fashion trend: sky high heels!

Technorati Profile

Look there's a Bimboism group on flickr

Shauna Sand 1, originally uploaded by slutloverr.

Etymology of the word "bimbo"

Now that's a bimbo!

Sexy video

From Yahoo BimboTransformation group

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is Hailey Young a bimbo or just a slut?

Here she is talking about her hobbies:

And before a scene:

Here is a video of her literally guzzling 50 loads of semen. Honestly? Not for the squeamish. I don't know how she kept her lunch down. But each to her own...

So the question is, is she a bimbo or just a slut? What's teh difference in your mind?

Interesting post on why women become bimbos

From Bimbo Brandi on, here.

Key quote:

I think the bimbo seeks to add beauty, simplicity, basic sensuality and sexuality, to bring those elements of themselves to the forefront. I think that bimbos choose simple wisdom over clever complications, seeming servility over conflict. I think the apparent and actual submissiveness of the bimbo is more an outpouring of herself than a blind obedience. The efforts to be pleasing in appearance and attitude a mission to soften an often harsh world moreso than vanity or dollishness. The raw sensuality and sexuality a complete openness morso than a sexual robot.

I’m prolly not saying it well. But I think that rather than wearing a mask, the true desire of the bimbo is to expose herself completely and unashamedly.

At least that’s how it seems to me.

Links for bimbo lovers

Stories: (Particularly see the list here.)
Suzanne's New Career
Mandi Mounds' Collection of Stories

Yahoo Groups and such:
Imagefap Boob Ring

Paris Hilton
Britney Spears
Pamela Anderson
Jodie Marsh
Jennifer Ellison
Denise Milani
Amy Anderssen (AKA Jayna James)
Yoko Matsugane
Kelly Ripa

Wicked Weasel

Are bimbos good for the economy or is it the other way around?

In the 90's our economy exploded, and so did breast sizes in porn. Not only did we have Pamela Anderson, Danni Ashe and Jenna Jameson leading the way in mainstream softcore and hardcore porn, all blondes with DD+ cup tits (Danni's were even real!), but on the big tit fringe people like Chelsea Charms, Summer Cummings, Traci Topps and Sarenna Lee were exploring new ground with implants that were literally crippling. Those girls will not only never be taken seriously again (mere DDD's will probably accomplish that), but they probably will never run (or maybe even racewalk) again. Pictures tell a thousand words:

At the same time, the S&P 500 performed brilliantly. From 1995-2007, it rose 239% even with a blip in 2001 for the dotcom crash. (See chart here.) When times were good, people were buying Hummers, Clinton was getting hummers and American men were entertained by huge breasted bimbos.

More recently, the market has fallen 50%, Hummers are scorned and the top porn stars are flat-chested teens.

Does the economy change porn preferences or does the rise of bimboism promote such positive feelings that it makes the economy go up? Maybe what we need around here is a new big-titted blonde pornstar to provide her own little stimulus package....

Now that we've done pussy flashing and celebrity blowjob videos, where do we go from here?

The lifeblood of celebrity is getting ink. Not tattoos, but press. If they're not talking about you, you're not a star. Getting ink is a matter of your celebrity wattage x the amazingness of what you have done. So if you're Brad Pitt and you go to the grocery store, that might be a story. If you are an up and coming actress, but not a household name, you have to do something more amazing than the other people at your level.... It's a competiton. This is why today, public display of nudity by an actress or would-be celebrity, and videos of her having sex, are a fairly standard sort of audition for notoriety. 20 years ago, it was taboo, and a possible career ender. Whom can we thank for this change? A lot of peple, but I nominate Bill Clinton and Pamela Anderson for a big loving thank you.

In 1984, you couldn't do this stuff. Vanessa Williams was stripped of her Miss America crown (when that meant something) in 1984 when nude photos of her were published.

But there was a counter trend even then. In the beginning there was Marilyn Monroe, who was in Playboy and later became an Oscar-nominated actress.

Madonna picked up the ball. She was in Playboy and then came out with her book Sex where she was often nude and often, it appeared, having sex. He she is licking a friend's ass:

Both careers thrived. But Pamela Anderson really put it over the top and changed the perception of nudity and blatant sexuality by actresses and models. Not only did she transition succesfully from being a Playboy model to starring in two major TV shows (Baywatch, VIP), but also and more importantly, her sex tapes with Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels were big hits. Far from ending her career, they made her a bigger star. Once that happened, the flood gates were opened. Competiton to be seen as a sexually exciting "naughty girl" in Hollywood ascended to a new level.

Bill Clinton helped, too, by introducing blowjobs and Peter North-style all-over-the-dress cumshots into the hallowed halls of the White House itself. Monica Lewinsky's oval orifice and the stories related to their intimate sessions eroded the distinction between trespectability and porn. The line between the Oval Office where Lincoln sat and, say, Oral Office III starring Jamie Gillis and Ginger Lynn was eroded. This lowered the bar for what behavior could be seen as acceptable in America.

Once your competition has released a sex video (and Pamela's was pretty good), then the gauntlet has been thrown and other actresses have to come up with something equally or even more shocking (unless they want to go the sexless, Academy Award route like Jodie Foster and Merril Streep -- but then you have to be, like, a great actress and stuff...). Paris Hilton, who has to be recognized as an innovator, released not only a great blowjob tape (marred only by the lack fo a convincing cumshot) but also began to spread her legs and flash pussy right out in public, kind of one upping Pamela herself. Pussy flashing became all the rage in the mid-2000's; if you weren't flashing your (shaved) cunt then you were just a boring prude and you wouldn't be getting any press, which is the lifeblood of celebrity. After Paris set the tone, Britney for instance had to climb on board in a desperate effort to seem sexy and get her career back on track (which largely seems to have happened).

BimboWatch's question is, what's next? Now that we've done blowjob videos and pussy flashes and Sasha Grey is starring in a Steven Soderbergh film, what is next? What will an actress have to do in 2011 to get some ink and be discussed as a scandalously sexy girl? I guess we'll have to wait to find out....