Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Road to Bimboism: The Mid-Point

The 80's were the mid-point -- dare we say the "tipping point"? -- on the road to bimboism in that this was the decade when the Sexual Revolution got rid of the whole "revolution" part at least in the sense of there being some sort of socially revolutionary aspect to the broader revolution of which the sexual revolution was a part. When a woman refused to wear a bra or shave her legs in the 70's, she was in a way particpating in the sexual revolution...all these revolutions were mixed up together. But once the social aspect faded away, all America was left with was the sex part.

In the 1980's, fashion abandoned the natural look with its earthy, Rousseauian undertones and embraced adopted the fashion of hyper-modern artificiality. Breast implants exploded on the scene. Big, poofed up hair and make up came back. The 70s wer eover and it was time for a new, more artificial and less socially conscious woman to emerge.

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