Monday, April 03, 2006

Notes toward a definition of bimbo and bimboslut

Firstly, I think some definition is required of what a bimbo is. What's the difference between being sexy and being a bimbo? Or being dumb and being a bimbo? Is bimbo just an obnoxious term for an open, sexually liberated woman or for any woman with below average intelligence? What are we talking about here?

Bimbo implies a certain vapidity, a reliance on sexual attractiveness and the promise of easy affections to get attention. And more than that it requires someone who is trying hard. Fundamentally, there is the important concept of trading one's dignity for attention. There's something about fakeness -- having died hair or plastic surgery or high heels, collagen lips or a shaved pussy or all of the above --combined with being submissive, vapid and unintimidating that is a part of bimboism.

There are no powerful, intimidating, smart, formidable bimbos. A bimbo has cast aside aspects of herself that might intimidate men and comes to them having given in fully to their preferences and fetishes -- and more, wanting them to know that. When you meet a bimbo, you know she's not going to say anything about Ben Bernanke's monetary policy and the shape of the yield curve. She's got other curves she wants you to think about.

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