Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The march toward fake bimbo sexdoll aesthetics

When it gets to the NY Times, you know it's a big trend:
"Many women in their 20's and 30's agree with her. To them, the Brazilian bikini wax - which reduces pubic hair to a tiny triangle or strip - seems old-fashioned. The need to accommodate ever-skimpier lingerie, bathing suits and low-rise pants may have helped put this extreme style in fashion, as did, perhaps, the popularity of Internet pornography. Courtesy of new high-powered lasers that target hair follicles to stunt hair growth, an increasing number of women are opting for full frontal bareness.

Laser hair removal in general is a growing trend. Last year about 1.4 million Americans had it done, a 53 percent increase over 2003"

More on bikini depilation
- the opposition:

Breast implants and buttock implants are now a fashionable trend:
" hairstylist designer haircuts, brand name hair extensions, bleached teeth, cosmetic injections and breast and buttock implants, are now considered merely a different kind of personal accessory"

More on buttock implants:
Buttock implants: Last year 2,361 Americans had buttock augmentation surgery, almost four times as many as in 2002, the first year that the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery kept statistics on the procedure. The operation typically costs about $20,000.

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